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(sonnet for the solar eclipse)

  (sonnet for the solar eclipse)   new  pattern.  in  motion.   break with tradition. forget  problems from  the  past. end denial.   find joy. allow love in.     in all ways & always.   personal rituals. daily meditation. candles.  incense.  rosary beads. lifting up my heart.   talents sacred.  soulful.  spiritual.  & sweet.   the chirping of … Continue reading

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(the queen of cups)

collage © polly macdavid   (the queen of cups)   you must understand sometimes i forget what was or when & almost never actually factually how but this is after all the nature of the business.  the creation of illusion.  drama.  myth. presenting oneself like a scrumptious dish. always on.  never off.  always the queen. … Continue reading