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(the king of cups)

king of cupscollage © polly macdavid


(the king of cups)


is this love, baby?  or just confusion?  ~ jimi hendrix


another cup of melancholia.

voice breaking into waves of emotion.

you dream too much.  your eyes see faraway

magic.  mysterious places.  many

years ago you lived in the future.  now

you live in the past.

your mars in leo.

wandering along all your lonely clouds.

drinking jack daniels.  drinking & thinking.

always debating.   arguing with your

inner self.   constant analysis.  each

word.  wants. wishes.  fantasies.  base motives.

aries rising.

you can’t trust anyone.

your vision is clouded.  & yet you see

oh king!      with electric blue clarity.

© polly macdavid




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