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(autant en emporte le vent)

this is another poem which doesn’t work on WordPress … the blocked format doesn’t work out like I want.  But it’s still a decent poem.


(not sure who took this pic)


(autant en emporte le vent)


she  looks    at    the    world   with   impressionistic   eyes     the smell of marijuana        clinging          to          her                   like            vines                          on       a       building

she  goes to university   but spends more time on the street than in the  classroom

she carries a notebook with her   everywhere she goes

on the bus   she is always reading  & tunes in her ears

she lives alone          in a small apartment filled with books        a laptop  &  a  printer

she    has    trouble    sleeping             she   lies in bed               counting   away the hours picking  at the scabs on her heart                she contemplates        loneliness v solitude         this  man  v  that  man          wanting   one  v  longing  for  another        she  can’t  sleep     she   rolls  another   joint      she   checks   her   email      dawn  comes  &  she  is  still  awake a   quick   shower   &   dress in   something   fabulous   & hair & make-up &  another  joint

she goes out for a cappuccino          sitting in the  bright sunshine          of a may morning

at a sidewalk table     her notebook open before her

she thinks         oh what would  anais  have written?

© polly macdavid






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