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(xviii the moon)

Once again, I can’t get the blocked format of this poem to work on WordPress but I’ve got it laid out as best that I can.


collage © polly macdavid


(xviii the moon)


it’s the middle of the night & i’m running through  empty  downtown  streets.    wet   with rain. colorful with neon reflections.     i’m running.    running.    breathing  hard.        lungs aching  in  the  cold  damp  air.       suddenly      i remember    my  disappointment    at age 7   when  the  nuns  said      i  was  too  sinful  a girl   to  be  allowed  to crown    the   most   holy  virgin  mary    in  the  ceremony   for  our  first communion.    tears   run   down  my cheeks. already   wet  with  rain.    i  slow  to  a  walk.    &   consider   this   strange   dream    i’m   in.   i    look    at  the moon.      floating   through    fat    clouds.      heavy    with  rain.   my lover’s pregnant wife comes to mind.

© polly macdavid


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