for Mike Thomas, because I love you

One of my very best friends succumbed to cancer this past Sunday, September 11, 2016.  This is a reposting of a poem I posted in October, 2015, which is when I found out that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer & I wanted to let him know that I supported him in his struggle for health & life.  I can’t be at the funeral this morning, but I can show support for him & his family & his friends with my poetry.  Goodbye Mike … I loved you so very dearly.


(sonnet written at checker’s)


3 toms & a jake sitting at the bar

mid-afternoon at checker’s on friday

arguing about who putted under par

& if our nation is going the right way.

mike thomas is tending bar & singing

dirty lyrics to the songs we all know.

telling jokes & laughing as he’s bringing

drinks to all of us.  he’s drinking his joe.

such a nice friday afternoon, drinking.

listening to conversations around me,

writing a little bit & thinking.

once in a while getting up to pee.

it’s a nice place to sit & have a beer.

i have to say that i do like it here.

© polly macdavid


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