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(xvi the tower)

this is another one of those poems where WordPress messes up the block form & the way it should look but the words are all the same & I guess it’s really OK … the collage is one I made back in 2009 but I recently added the Roman numerals & the title “the tower”.

xvi the tower

collage © polly macdavid


(xvi the tower)


on the elevator, coming down from environmental science, someone says that terrorists have  just  flown  a  plane into  the  world trade center.        no fucking way, i say.      in the cafeteria, the t.v. is on the today show & the second plane is flying into the second tower.  i make the sign of the cross & i’m not the only one.

i call billy.   hey,  he says, i just came in from goose hunting up on lake ontario by keg creek & you shoulda seen all the planes.  i couldn’t shoot cuz they were flyin’ so low.  maggie was barkin’ at ’em.  i think she thought they were big geese or something.  i say, turn on the t.v., dude.

everyone goes home.  the busses are packed & i walk home.  at my building, my super & i go up on the roof & smoke one.  lake erie shines in the sun.  it sparkles grey & blue & silver.  imagine, my super says, if we were in brooklyn or jersey, we’d be watching the towers burning in the distance.  on this beautiful day, on this beautiful day.

he shakes his head.  may god protect us all, he says.

i agree, thinking of all the newly-sainted dead.

© polly macdavid




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