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(xiv temperance)

I have been working on this poem literally all summer.  Wrote it one way.  Wrote it another way.  Made notes every time I though of something new & tried to work all these various ideas in. Nothing worked.  I just couldn’t get a handle on it.  Maybe because of moving & feeling so out of balance.  Now that things are settling down & I am able to concentrate on writing again, I am able to feel the ideas of temperance, balance, being in tune with the universe & the concept of a greater good.

xiv temperance


(xiv temperance)

  1. one day you realize you stepped in it but good.
  2. you take your shoe off & try to clean it but the poop is there to stay. so you throw them in them in the garage & get a new pair.
  3. your new shoes don’t match anything you have so you decide to change your entire wardrobe.
  4. you go through closets. dressers. drawers.  boxes.  bags.  everything in the attic.  you tell your best friend what you are doing & why you are doing it.
  5. your best friend helps you take your dysfunctional stuff to the local thrift store to donate. you feel good about yourself.
  6. you resolve to live your life more simply & only keep the things you really love.
  7. you make lists to help you stay organized. you ask your best friend for help when you need it.
  8. you work to restore balance in your life. you make amends to people & to yourself. you love yourself every day.
  9. you take personal inventory when necessary & discard old & worn out stuff when you are accumulating too much baggage.
  10. your life becomes more spiritual without so much clutter.
  11. you become more compassionate & understanding of other people’s problems & situations.
  12. eventually you get rid of almost everything you own & live a very simple life. you are grateful for each day. everyone likes to be around you.

© polly macdavid


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