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NaPoMo Day 30

Again, this is a poem which is written in a block paragraph with fully justified margins, which isn’t going to work out here on WordPress.  But I’ll try to get it to look as closely to the actual poem as I can.

knight of cups

collage © polly macdavid   collage made of images found on pinterest & personal photos.


(the knight of cups)


young man with the flowing blonde hair       wearing

white  like  lennon            holding  out  to  me  a  grail

engraved    art   with   a   capital   A


i’ve  always  known  you   i’ve  been  waiting  for  you


oh  young  man  so  intelligent  &  creative             you

challenge  me  with  your  experience     you make me

want  to  write  new  poems  &  songs


you bring me to your place    cool posters on the walls

books   &   magazines      music      weed     empty pizza

boxes  next  to  the  bottle  returns


you show me your dark little bedroom     your unmade

bed    we  make  love    then  talk    oh  young  man with

the  flowing  blonde  hair


i’ve   always   known   you         i’ve  always   loved   you

© polly macdavid


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