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NaPoMo Day 26

I wrote this poem back in 1983 when I was deeply in love with a man & I never knew if I was going to see him but I always hoped I did.  The angst & drama of those days produced a lot of poetry (not always very good & some just really bad) but just reading this particular one takes me back to when I was young & beautiful & always yearning … for more.

day 26 the poet at age 23.  photo by Scott Lemen.


(will i see you today?)


oh to wake with anticipation

after dreaming about orchestras

practicing on the banks of ellicott creek


bathing.   washing my hair.   listening

to the dead & eating breakfast.   waiting!

waiting!  waiting!   waiting for the phone to ring


& finally just leaving.   running

out to my car & driving to the

west side where i know i will find you working


or just hanging out.   smoking a joint

listening to bob marley in the sun

looking finer than any man ever has


but still    i don’t really know

as i prepare to go

will i see you today?

will i see you today?

© polly macdavid




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