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NaPoMo Day 20

baby james & little joe fall 1993

baby james & little joe. fall, 1993.   photo © polly macdavid



(sonnet written during the rain)


i love this weather     air so warm   so moist

so cleansing   feels like walking through a cloud

i sit on my bed during the rain storm

meditating while the baby naps

when he wakes up, i nurse him

the rain continues to fall steadily

my sweet baby coos & cuddles with me

the cats are jealous but they nudge his head

like – who are you ? what are you doing here?

sometimes even give him a little kiss

the rain has stopped   now it is so steamy

the air smells so clean & fresh like it was washed

i stand on the porch holding my baby

i’m so very happy    i could just cry

© polly macdavid




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