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NaPoMo day 14

Again, I have to apologise for WordPress’s inadequacies … this poem is supposed to be fully justified & in block mode but you will have to imagine that for yourself.  i do a LOT of writing in this form (the LEGO look LOL) & it gets on my nerves that there’s no full justification tab on WordPress.  But oh well.

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(gertrude stein)


by habituation these are pleasures)  the instruments.  upon ourselves.

feel the will set.  after having rashness  then do  the power  when with

amateurs   to  we   must  laugh  though  bravery  dies:   involuntariness:

endurance:  take upon ourselves.     this  queen   who is  that queen who


is  not  me.   feel  sense.   is  it  when actually  fact?   is  it  a  good  rhyme.

more  likely  the latter  with which the pleasures)   the things defect to a

new pleasure:   then is  for a rashness  & is  when  actually  fact?    power

for when  with the queen who is an imposter  who is  not  me.  feel sense.


quietly  in  rhyme:     involuntariness:    endurance:    the pleasures)     the

things of those is pleasures)   feel is me is sense.   the good is now.   it is a

new  habituation  or  latter or  the  end  of the  pleasures)  or  a good these.


the  power  for  with  which  feel  sense.   it is then set rhyme into life & live

it.     not now    but later   when we are ready  to dance   & sing the song good:





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