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NaPoMo Day 13

Green_Dolphin_Street_big_band_chart_store_image_largeimage from Pinterest


(on green dolphin street)


a warm spring day.    reminiscent of paris.

the   paris   of   anaïs  &  henry  &

june.   the paris of lovers.   air so soft.   so

warm.   so wet.   it feels like a passionate kiss.

i go downtown.    i go to the library.

the books i want are never here.   but there are

so many others that call to me.   old friends

i love & new friends   i am just meeting.     back

out on the street.   standing on the corner.   waiting

to cross.   i watch the working world go by.      no

life for me!      i need poetry & music.

time for a drink.    jazz on the jukebox.   on green

dolphin street.     a new love reminiscent of

an old love.      oh what do i want?     i don’t know…


© polly macdavid


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