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NaPoMo Day 9

As usual, I am having trouble getting WordPress to cooperate with me on the spacing of this poem.  I write it exactly the way I want it in my draft & then when I publish it, every line is flush left.  VERY ANNOYING.  For what it’s worth, this is NOT the way this poem is supposed to look.

marianne moore


Marianne Moore vacationing in Washington State.  unsure where this photo came from.



(marianne moore)


math in nature?   this is ridiculous

the most mathematically

perfect creek

can be changed by a

swift sudden influx

of summer rain, mindless of

sticks or bricks.

we measure miles, count acres, post signs

to let others know not to

walk our land.

geometry tells

us that there are lines

cross-crissing everywhere.

still, shifting sands

gravel, sticks & stones, are all washed away

by the movement of

spring snow, ice jams

so that the stream one

wants to fish one day

is somewhere else –

thanks to the broken dam.

math in nature?  science yes, but no math.

no measure or control of nature’s path.



© polly macdavid


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