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NaPoMo Day 6

for NaPoMo day 6


(going to the pdoc)



my mind in erase

melting like snow in the rain

cold fog       hollow eyes

i am not here

where did i go      where am i going



i am vacant

another house      boarded up


i drive along      this nowhere road

just drive off     crash & die

but i’m so    incompetent

i can’t even      manage that


© polly macdavid


5 thoughts on “NaPoMo Day 6

  1. I have read so many books old fashioned and new that create mood feeling and the ideas maybe prophetic but are not poetry. We have so many Australian poets Banjo Patterson and so many others who are seemingly flawless in their perception and have real character. Even good witty conversation wins my poetry prize.

  2. There are so many good poets even literary descriptions with mood feeling atmosphere or witty conversation wins my prize. Well written books about things also, the art of words and love of reading combine.

  3. The feeling of mood atmosphere displays the character for conception of our best thoughts; and the spell to dwell in wonder of idea.

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