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NaPoMo Day 4

This poem is supposed to be in blocked mode, full justification but Word Press isn’t letting me do that.  So when you read this, try to visualize the poem in that form.


polly at the barthe poet at the former Anacone’s Inn before it closed in 2007.  Photo by Theodore Stieg, Jr.


(anacone’s inn 1989)

all my life      ever since  i was a very

little  girl  i’ve loved       to watch the

bubbles rising     in a glass      of beer

especially after it’s just been poured

i  also  like     the  way   the   cigarette

smoke    swirls     in    the    afternoon

sunshine      coming      through     the

windows  looking  out  on   bailey  ave

the            slow           snaking           curl

round             all             our             heads

gold   &   rose          in      the      sunlight

oh   play me a blues tune        this is the

best  jukebox  in  the  whole  damn city

yeah    i’ll do another shot   sure    baby

&    who   is   this   person   talking    … ?

doesn’t   matter                  just        sitting

here     drinking        &                   thinking

grooving                 baby                 grooving

© polly macdavid


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