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NaPoMo Day 2

apsynthion httpexhibits.hsl.virginia.eduherbsvienna-disocorides

“Apsynthion” From http//exhibits.hsl.virginia.eduherbsvienna-disocorides



(a letter made of wormwood)


poem:  lost dreams & dark images, many roots & stems

a storm over the mountains  yet i met you:  a letter made of wormwood

blue plate special make mark turn the wheel oh happy day no more sadness

mis-spelled hex dreams in cloud fragments word by word caught in memory lost

one clock is the sun but a flower lets out sparks from various points

traveling though dark glass hearing forked tongue ever after transparent

no shell poor me slant six black ash fall but simply this:  the angels sing

add an odd scene sentence precise negative speak now to be or not

ancient blue & cold night stars shine dream on a wave to a door open

moon river wide as oaks sacred deep night sea shells mother of days come

oh come emanuel & ransom captive israel away in

a manger the animals gathered around & waited for midnight

then morning glory the everlasting shine a better contentment

burnt sea the invisible pleasure love confusion oh this is it:






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