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NaPoMo Day 1

(a dream of roses)



a dream of roses.  blood red.  growing in

tangled vines.  glowing like mangled veins as

i walk along the garden path.       i pick

one & prick my finger.     blood runs down to

the palm of my hand & pools at my feet.

i give the rose to you,   rebecca of the

long gold shining princess hair.  you look at

my bloody hand & laugh.     “get a band-aid!”

the  roses  are  yet  growing  &  glowing.

here are roses without any thorns.

laughing  i  gather  up  all  the  roses.

singing  i  gather  bunches  of  roses.

bright red, blood red, bold red, growing, glowing

along  the  long  corridor  of  the  night.





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