(vi the lovers)

vi the lovers

(vi the lovers)
it’s getting bad i mean i’m always depressed

you’re always mad & even though

we’re together every day it’s like that cliché

we’re so close & yet so far away

i mean we’ve got this great thing going or

i thought we did my friends tell me

what a great couple we are but this

(problem) i mean i know you don’t want a kid

what if this act of love turns to hate

i mean we’re still together but i’m not sure

about anything anymore everything changed

that day what if we made a mistake

i mean i don’t know what i mean i just miss

how you kissed me & told me i was your queen

© polly macdavid

cross-posted (in a slightly different form) at http://silverapplequeen.blogspot.com/   check it out!


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