NaPoMo Day 12

0 the fool 4

(o the fool)
happy girl. at least she smiles most of
the time. & she’ll tell you. “i’m a happy
head”. but sometimes she isn’t. she’s in love
with life. ready for anything. great or crappy.

laughs as she talks. always in a hurry.
always something to do. somewhere to go.
detailed list-making or things get blurry.
cleaning. writing. mixing up some bread dough.

then out the door. into the golden day.
ready for anything. country. city.
meeting friends. strangers. some say come away.
come away. she has a large black kitty.

she sings loud enough for people to hear.
she has many gifts. a natural-born seer.

Update:  I was going through an old college project of mine where I was creating Tarot cards with a corresponding poem on the back of the card.  Most of the cards were just pictures I had printed off the Internet or cut out of magazines but a few were small collages I had made.  I was amazed to see this one for (o the fool):

the original fool

Really, all the same ideas, although much better presented.  I like the yellow sky of the other one.  I think I’m going to work with this one & maybe make a new one.  Amazing how I picked the same girl!  Wearing a red leather jacket & heels on a mountain is certainly foolish!

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