NaPoMo Day 11

the magicianTarot card by Polly MacDavid. Thank you Jim Misener for allowing me to use this photograph.

This is not the actual form of this poem.  Because of the limitations of wordpress, I can’t get it to adhere to its original form.  Which is frustrating to say the least.  I wasn’t going to post it but WTF, that’s life.  The words are the same, ya know?  & I had been playing with paint.net all morning & had made a new tarot card to go with the words.  OK, I’m no artist but I do the best I can.  It would help if these programs did what I wanted them to & not what they wanted to do.  LOL

(i the magician)

i walk along the waterfront. half moon
shining over my left shoulder. chilly.
i make a fire. & in the flames. i see
a man i know from dreams. he speaks in runes.
he climbs mountains. he carries the ocean
in his eyes. a tornado in his hands.
graceful. most masterful. all he commands.
seeing him. i am filled with emotion.
remembering. i want it all again.
spinning in that golden web. erotic
love. all my senses reeling. hypnotic.
remembering. sad that it had to end.
i put out the fire. visions are gone.
i’ll never forget. that magical song.


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