NaPoMo Day 2

This poem is based on a poem called “I Loved You” by Joseph Brodsky, the sixth of his “Twenty Sonnets to Mary Queen of Scots”.  I stumbled on this while researching poetry written by Mary Queen of Scots and the other Stuart Monarchs.  Brodsky’s poem is itself a rewrite of an earlier poem by Alexander Pushkin, also called “I Loved You.”  Both poems and the method of using a former poem as inspiration for a new poem is brilliantly examined by Alexander Zholkovsky at http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~alik/eng/tct/chap5.htm.  This is my take on on this theme.

apples turning
(i loved you)
i loved you.       love you still
as i sit thinking why
it was doomed from the start.
april   fools.     that  was   us.
lots   of   drinks   &   doobies.
passion in the night that
rocked me senseless but each
morning was hungover.
so.   yeah.    love.   whatever.
i  loved  you.    yes.     i loved
you.   for just a minute.

but that minute was fine.
out of this world. divine.


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