a new poem

it’s been a busy summer. mostly i have been transcribing my diaries in order to eventually novelize them. but i have found a few moments to write a few new poems. here’s one i finished a few days ago.

(divided attention)

you can feel the front coming. playing pool
with john at the zoar valley inn & john
is disappointed i’m not watching
his shots but instead standing at the bar
writing poetry. i am winning as
the geometrics of pool & the rhythm
of words collide against each other like
the hard balls on the soft emerald felt.
john comes from behind. he slams the high balls.
bank shot – double bank – now i am playing
catch-up. divided attention rarely
wins a game of pool. a flash of lightning –
& the storm is upon us. power’s out
as john racks up the balls for a new bout.


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