NaPoMo Day 21 (no commas) (to dorothy parker)

odes to two of my favorite poets, mina loy & dorothy parker



(no commas)

nightingale sing like the spring cardinal
mina loy could tell you how – dressed in red
robes long & flowing the lady those mail
stopped coming when her lover died she said
“i was never a poet” yet words sing –
like marianne moore the modernist who
consistently looked back she sought to bring
enlightenment & education to
the masses – marianne moore succeeded –
mina in the bowery picking up the trash
crazy almost homeless she proceeded
– to sing dust to dust ash to golden ash –
nightingale sing like the red cardinal
in the early dawn sing nightingale




(for dorothy parker)


oh lady     hiding beneath your hat

clutching  your  handbag filled with

nervous inconsistencies

whispering sharp sarcasms

chain-smoking suicide attempts

your   drunken   wrestling   matches

with a muse bigger & stronger  than

you  what  bravado  when  you take

one   on   the  chin  &  land   in   an

ungainly heap on the floor

oh party girl   always revved up  for

a ball   but stalling at the typewriter

unable to work with a drink  unable

to work without one










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