NaPoMo Day 20 (stoned sonnet)

i’ve been away in the country for a few days & i thought i had the wordpress app on my smart phone but i couldn’t find it.  so i wasn’t able to post any poems for the past few days, which was rather upsetting.  so i will double-post the next few days, to make up for that.

today’s poem, in honor of 4/20 day. 

(stoned sonnet)

listen to the moon sing.
           the stars dance to her tune,
           as they trip over each other’s tails
           while white clouds lay low to catch
                         falling stars,
           giddy & dizzy with dance & laughter.
comets zoom through to cause some trouble
           & to try to steal a star or 2
           to eat for breakfast
i lay in bed & watch through my window
          swirling whirling turquoise & gold
i listen to the moon sing.

help me, i’m lonely, turquoise & gold:
bits of moondust, all nicely rolled.



One thought on “NaPoMo Day 20 (stoned sonnet)

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