NaPoMo Day 16 (a dream of roses)



(a dream of roses)

a dream of roses.   blood red.   growing in
tangled vines. glowing like mangled veins as
i walk along the garden path.    i pick
one & prick my finger.   blood runs down to
the palm of my hand & pools at my feet.
i give the rose to you,   rebecca of the
long  gold  shining  princess hair.   you look at
my bloody hand & laugh.   “get a band-aid!”
the roses  are  yet  growing  &  glowing.
here  are  roses  without  any  thorns.
laughing  i gather  up all the roses.
singing  i gather  bunches of roses.
bright red, blood red, bold red, growing, glowing
along the long corridor of the night.



One thought on “NaPoMo Day 16 (a dream of roses)

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