NaPoMo (Day 14) (sonnet for john)

this is brand new.  i wrote it just a few hours ago & edited it just in the last few minutes.  & it’s real … real feelings … which i guess is why it’s so sappy LOL


(sonnet for john)

the flowers you gave me are still lovely
after over a week. safe from the cats
on top of the refrigerator. they
brighten my life each time i walk into
the kitchen. this morning, i confessed to
my diary that i am falling in
love with you. it’s true. all i want to do
is spend every waking moment in your
presence. but we both have to work & perhaps
too much of a good thing is not too good.
at night alone in my bed i think of
the last time with you & dream of the next.
i want to feel your arms tight around me.
john, john – i’m in love with you. can’t you see?



One thought on “NaPoMo (Day 14) (sonnet for john)

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