NaPoMo Days 12 & 13 (some oblivion) (now is the time)

i missed posting yesterday, even though i had the wordpress app on my phone & i had planned to post even though i wasn’t near my computer & way out in the country.  but i got busy taking pictures of the new growth & little flowers & time got away from me.  so here are two poems for yesterday & today. 


(some oblivion)

i’m just sitting & staring at my bed
with the pretty colonial flowered ruffled
quilt & matching pillow set, pink primness
& all that, i don’t know, i can’t think too
well, been staring at it for a time now,
i’m too tired to turn my head, too tired
to sleep, wanna lie in bed & float, just
sink into some oblivion somewhere
or on the sofa under the afghan
my gramma made me, zigzagging around
me, wrapping around me like someone’s arms
so strong & loving but that’s just a dream
because it’s just me here sitting by my bed
with lonely visions flowing through my head



(now is the time)

that morning arrives
soft & pink like the
misty lace that edged
madame pompadour’s
favorite petticoat
droplets on green leaves
spilling on damp grass
birds a chorus of
piccolo trumpets
preceding the sun
now fully risen
which brings on the heat
yellow & steamy


One thought on “NaPoMo Days 12 & 13 (some oblivion) (now is the time)

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