NaPoMo Day 8 (iii of swords)

i have been transcribing my diary & this poem is based on a bit of a poem i found in my 1979 diary.  only a small part of the second stanza is the original poem. 


rider-waite tarot deck copy right US Games.


(iii of swords)


always sharp & bright at the start.
kisses in the dark. holding hands
& creating sweet endearments.
then the insecurity &
the jealousy. he acts like he
doesn’t care. she just gets wasted.

he’s a taut grey cat, all claws &
hisses when she cuddles up next
to him. he turns away in bed.
he puts pillows over his head
when she says his name once again
so softly & when she wakes he’s

gone like a sad song that she once
loved but now she just hates it, hates it.


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