NaPoMo Day 5 (january thaw)

today was another one of those days that seemed more like january than april.  only 36 degrees & a cold cold wind!  so here is a poem about january. 


(january thaw)

oh the pleasure of the warming,
this sudden warming january thaw,
bringing me out of the mid-winter blahs,
to a world that seems to be transforming

past february & march into spring.
oh, the pleasure of going for a run,
the feeling of a finally warm sun,
yet the wind has a cold & biting sting,

because a january thaw is a fake.
a false spring, a broken promise, a love
that leaves after vowing to always stay.

still, the sun beckons me outside to play.
cold wind or not, it shines brightly above.
false spring or not, it’s a beautiful day.

One thought on “NaPoMo Day 5 (january thaw)

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