NaPoMo Days 2 & 3 (a poem never written) (i hate march)

well, i missed yesterday, because i went fishing … but the creeks were too high & fast & muddy to fish, so i just had a nice time cruising around the southerntier, enjoying the beautiful day & the gorgeous scenery.  i also did some hiking, which was really great.  it was a beautiful day! 

here’s two poems … both inspired by my love of fishing.


(a poem never written)

a poem never written is a fish never caught
words swimming by like trout looking at my minnow
deciding not to bite such a gorgeous morning
standing here by the edge of this crystal-clear creek

cast out your line you know it’s all in the
presentation words or bait do you let them sit
or let them drift in the stream maybe jig it a
bit make it dance a poem never written is a

line never taut a fish never fought the one that
bends your rod don’t reel it too fast don’t lose it let
it fight tire itself out slowly bring it in
words rippling off like sparkling droplets of water

when you net that perfect rainbow hold it up for
the camera snap & save & there’s your poem


(i hate march)

i hate march    smells like spring   acts  like winter   damp & cold

arthritis weather   i wake late   listen to  chirping  birds  at  dawn

already the day feels like something’s wrong   a dusting of snow

on the rooftops

            i make coffee     feed the cats     the usual morning stuff

            breakfast      emails     work-out

go up to oak orchard to fish      geese of flying     ducks   swans

the brilliant blue sky is black with them  the honking of the geese

drown out my tunes

           ice on the creek is breaking up      standing  at the edge

           of the docks    watching    chunks   of   ice   flow   by  no

           fishing today  but that’s ok

honking geese & the smell of spring so bold    oh how bright the

sun even as the wind blows so bitterly cold





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