NaPoMo Day 1 : (xii the hanged man)

i’m back!  ready to start publishing for the lovely month of april, the national poetry month.  here’s my poem for day 1.  Taking the challenge of writing an Ekphrastic poem, i have chosen the tarot card XII The Hanged Man as inspiration.  


this is from the Golden Botticelli Tarot.

(xii the hanged man)

like hamlet:  unable to make a decision.  real tree or

mossy oak?  he eats oatmeal for his health & for no

other reason.  standing by the table.  he announces:

children  are  but  evil  possums.   to be or not to be.

that is not the questions.  the question is where did i

put my bag.  oh … but to see the quality of life & the

nobility   of   spirit.    it   is  true:    i  do  not  want  to

reproduce.   my seed is tainted.   my need does not

deserve naming.   & yet i hang like odin:    unable to

die & unable to love. someday i will know the answer.




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