NaPoWriMo Day 30

wow !!!  the last day of the challenge !!  & i posted every day !!  i am so proud of myself.  since it is walpugisnacht, i am posting a poem i wrote a few years ago … one of my first “new” sonnets.  



apple blossom dreams.  a night of drunken

misconceptions, lost in a vast orchard.

wondering, wandering, tripping, laughing.

a full moon, moving through mystery clouds.

the sky full of stars.  a night I will not

forget, details lost within the maze of

low-lying branches.  the sweetest fragrance.

the wind picks up & blossoms fall like snow. 

i think i am lost.  did i see your face

reflected in the moon amongst the clouds?

did i see your eyes sparkling with the stars?

the orchard opens into a corn field.

newly-turned earth waits for the fertile seed.

apple blossom dreams.  love under the trees.


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