poetry challenge day 27

(i found your hair elastic in my bed)


i can’t believe you’re gone.

in the space of 48 hours, you went from telling me i was the only woman for you, the only woman you would ever love forever & ever & ever to telling me that you don’t what’s going on, you can’t figure it out & your wife says she loves you, only you, loves you again after serving you divorce papers & plotting to take you for everything you ever worked for, your house, your kids, everything, but now she says she had no idea how much she really loved you & you’re really confused about your feelings.

i’m sorry:

i’ve been around the block a few times & i don’t think i’m a stupid babe but i feel so fucking stupid, i feel so fucking stupid !  i mean, how could i have let my guard so totally fucking down !  i fell so easily,  i fell for every loving word you spoke so low & invitingly, mixing in the program & your higher power & all that sober spiritual stuff i admit is music to my ears & i believed you, i believed every fucking word.

& now I can’t believe you’re gone.


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