poetry challenge day 21

(life as a christmas cactus) 


i was thinking about a dream i once had & realized it really

happened:  smooth green elevens everywhere dancing to a laughing song

memories masquerading as dreams: my life in crystal darkness but

the moon tells another story:  a wonderful obliteration

once upon a time there was a little girl who liked to sit on the

bridge:  moon on the water:  constellations that create stories to tell

when the moon is full the flowers bloom at night & sing the nocturnal

sun:  pink petals peeling away from the bright yellow perimeter

three times three plus two dream divided by dream squared equals a new dream

memory moon stars sun:  clouds rain thunder & lightning rolling over

& over again … oh!   here is mary queen of scots riding a white

horse through the mists of my mind:  she has something important

to tell me:  commands in french & scots & latin & then she is gone

but no matter:  i am dreaming i am blooming shiny pink petals

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