poetry challenge day 15 napowrimo.15

(writer’s block 2)yoi 

look at my notes.   check my email.

drink coffee.   smoke a joint.   clean the house.

do yoga.   focus on releasing bad creativity karma.       

look out the window.   look at the birds.

read poetry for inspiration.  today it’s carol watts.

call mama.  get daddy instead & talk 10 minutes about integers & how much algebra is like grammar.

smoke a roach.

water the plants.  give the kitties some loving. 

have a beer. decide to play tunes, cuz there’s no writing without music & then it’s singing & dancing time.

have a 2nd beer.

have the last beer in the fridge.

get the munchies & stare into the fridge trying to decide what to eat.

decide to walk to the corner bar & have another beer & a sandwich & maybe a decent conversation but i’m not holding my breath.

remember to take a notebook & a pen in case a poem just decides to presents itself.



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