NaPoWriMo Day 13



 (you know who you are)


your voice on the telephone, cracking, crying.   you told her everything.

you tell me that you love me & you always will but your marriage is

more important.  you seem to think i’m going to smile through my tears

& whisper good bye.  well, no fucking way.  i feel totally betrayed.

i didn’t think you took me seriously enough to feel guilty

about deceiving your wife.  i never took her that seriously.

i just liked talking to you, getting high with you, & sleeping with you.

i figured you to have more originality than to tell me

you can never see me again.  the lawrence scholar!  should i return

lady chatterly’s lover?  now that you’ve fully explained to me what

it means?  you’re so afraid she’ll make good on all her threats.   well, that’s no

concern of mine.  i’m not promising anything, so stop your whining. 

i was cool enough for you to love me.  if it’s over, it’s over. 

but:  why did you tell her about us?  why did you tell her about us? 


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