poetry challenge for april 8

here’s today’s poem:


(miscellaneous dreams put together)


i dreamed i saw south buffalo burning.   many years ago, i had this dream.  people fleeing the neighborhood, stuck in traffic.  everyone drunk.  cheering & screaming as buildings fell.  i remember:

a dream of darkness.  nothing. 

the rain falling, falling, falling, falling. 

& then a shiny day after the rain.  i am pregnant & craving apples.  i eat barrels of apples but cannot eat enough.  soon i look like a giant apple, red & round & shiny.  i can barely walk. 

now i am in another dream.

i am walking down bailey avenue.  i am walking down bailey avenue in a pair of red shoes that won’t stay on my feet.   soon i am walking barefoot & my feet are bleeding.

the journey takes all night: all night i toss & turn.





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