poetry challenge day 7

yesterday i posted that it was day four of the challenge & i was obviously very confused … but i often have no idea what day it is !  here is today’s poem. 

(april 7) 


cool breeze of wonder      blowing through my mind     the kiss of (death)    imprinted on my lips   & again             you         stalk   my   waking    dreams       you are here in my dreams     (again) you stalk my dreams you are the one i hate    the one i no longer need    leave me alone      leave me alone     leave me alone i   don’t   need  you     anymore     i  don’t  need  you cool breeze of nothing      comes to fire    sandy fog      &  red   rocks    (another moon)  the land of red flowers is lush & beautiful        i wanted to stay there forever      i had pearls  pomegranates & pentacles      i had apples & apricots   (death)  is   easy   once           you  learn how               reincarnation hurts                   a  cold  spring           after a  long  winter







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