wow ! two in one day !

ok, i often work on more than one poem a day.  i haven’t gotten in the habit of letting “the world” know … LOL … ie, by blogging about it.  but here goes … 

this poem is one that i didn’t hardly edit at all.  it is, in fact, a perfect sonnet, even though it only has 12 lines & the meter is all wrong & whatev.  but read it out loud.  it just sounds right.  it sounds like a sonnet.  like a “little song”.  i wrote this when i was 17 years old & it hasn’t changed much since then.  oh, i wonder what happened to this guy.  

(jazz man)


your eyes

so sensual, so sensuous

tiding like the sea

your hands

fingering, caressing

gripping each knob & key

your body

swaying, swinging

bending at the knee

you play

like a sizzling hot day –


play me.



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