new sonnet !!

ok, this is another one that i’ve re worked … i tried to scan the original & my printer is not being cooperative … but it was one that a 7-line poem written in one of my “fat” notebooks that i carried when i was a coffee girl … re-written several times until it became one of my sonnets.

the man it was written about was an electrician with blue eyes, but rewriting it this evening, i realize that it could be about any number of men i have loved with blue eyes.  who chain smoke.  oh, you know who you are.  


(i dreamed of you last night)


i dreamed of you last night.  you never saw

me, under the moon far away under

a parking lot where the new hotel is

being built.    nor did you hear me call your

name.   but i saw you, your slouching height, your

salt & pepper hair curling from under

your hat.   your bright blue jacket that matches

your eyes.   i saw you smoke the cigarette

you are never without.    oh, my love,  my

darling, where are you now?  do you ever

think of me?  or what we shared together?

with whom do you now flirt?  who do you now

kiss?   my dreams don’t tell me.   you don’t see me.

only the moon knows.   only the moon tells.







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