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(vi the lovers)

(vi the lovers) it’s getting bad i mean i’m always depressed you’re always mad & even though we’re together every day it’s like that cliché we’re so close & yet so far away i mean we’ve got this great thing going or i thought we did my friends tell me what a great couple we … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 22

(iii the empress) night deep dark night deep dark velvet night sea smooth silent shifting misty spirals of lace faraway lights filtering through oak trees close to dawn i meet a woman named love she sits in an enormous golden chair dressed in the colors of the sun & earth randy rabbits run around everywhere … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 17

(viii of swords) our marriage was so brief it was a whisper i wonder if it actually happened somewhere between AA & AOL we met had coffee kissed walked up the aisle in front of family & friends just when did you leave me or didn’t i ever truly have you were you always a … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 16

(ii the high priestess) tonight on my way home a doe crossed my path i looked up into the sky & clearly saw the features of your face your beauty overwhelmed me lady artemis! ever virgin! ever autonomous! you dance across the sky like you chase the deer with your maidens & your hounds goddess … Continue reading