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NaPoMo Day 17

(viii of swords) our marriage was so brief it was a whisper i wonder if it actually happened somewhere between AA & AOL we met had coffee kissed walked up the aisle in front of family & friends just when did you leave me or didn’t i ever truly have you were you always a … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 16

(ii the high priestess) tonight on my way home a doe crossed my path i looked up into the sky & clearly saw the features of your face your beauty overwhelmed me lady artemis! ever virgin! ever autonomous! you dance across the sky like you chase the deer with your maidens & your hounds goddess … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 15

(le fin du mond) montreal sounds like a waltz blue rodeo & tim apples fire golden lager yes we are laughing dancing somewhere i am sad but i’m really so happy so happy i will never be here again your mouth tastes of belgium sweet language not quite french but here at the end of … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 12

(o the fool) happy girl. at least she smiles most of the time. & she’ll tell you. “i’m a happy head”. but sometimes she isn’t. she’s in love with life. ready for anything. great or crappy. laughs as she talks. always in a hurry. always something to do. somewhere to go. detailed list-making or things … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 11 revisited

I redid the Tarot card from earlier.  I like this version better.  Again, thank you, Jim Misener. I figured out how to cut & paste into another picture & even though it’s pretty crude, it’s better than the other one.  I was also able (after MANY tries), to draw the infinity symbol over the magician’s … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 11

Tarot card by Polly MacDavid. Thank you Jim Misener for allowing me to use this photograph. This is not the actual form of this poem.  Because of the limitations of wordpress, I can’t get it to adhere to its original form.  Which is frustrating to say the least.  I wasn’t going to post it but … Continue reading

NaPoMo Day 8

the author in 2007, when she was still a brunette (then & now) then. the full moon. bright. now. dark sky. no stars to guide me. absence of light. then. warmth & sunshine. now. cold. damp. bone-chilling wind. life used to be kind. sitting & thinking. crying. hurting all the time. giving up. drinking. then. … Continue reading